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Jammer and Health Risks: All You Need To Know

bomb jammer health risk

Are cell phone jammers a risk for your health?

In the last few years, you might have heard politicians or just common people talking about jammers, or you might have simply seen one in those American TV series.

Well, we must admit that this is a delicate issue that has to be dealt with through the aid of experts in the field, and not through politicians’ yap-yap, whose only goal is to get more votes than other candidates.

We should make it clear at the outset by claiming that NOT every jamming device is innocuous. The more the strength of the device, the more it “damages your health”. Therefore, a jammer does pose health risks to the human body depending on the power of the device you come into contact with.

Stating that the use of jamming devices is not a harm to your health not only is it inaccurate, but it also is the fruit of one’s lack of expertise.

Bomb Jammers should have a certain amount of output power in order to neutralize radio transmissions around a designated area; we are talking about 100-1000 meters. To cover such a large area, each channel of the jamming device ought to have an output power that varies from 25W to 200W.

Installing a device with lesser power is synonymous with lesser protection.

Armed forces as well as Presidents on diplomatic journeys to different countries, always place them on different appointed vehicles.

We’ve discussed whether there are real dangers and health hazards of using low-power cell phone jammers in another extensive post. Be sure to check it out.

Why are powerful bomb jammers hazardous to our health?


bomb jammer health risk

The answer is easier than you think: Not only because of their large size but also because of the constant exposure to this kind of waves is harmful to anybody’s health.

If you ever have doubts or questions, please address yourself to an expert, and do not pay heed to anybody else.

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