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encrypted internet

KryptoVPN – Anonymous Internet Connection

Until now, everyone’s internet connection logs are recorded by their Internet service providers and kept for 5 years, as per law. Therefore, your data will be available for judicial authorities, even though they are often used by private investigators or by your potential competitors in order to conduct an industrial espionage action.

Internet communications, email, and many other websites’ access usernames and passwords can be easily intercepted through the technical infrastructure of your Internet service provider.

Most nations take preemptive actions to keep track of your traces on the World Wide Web. They also prevent their citizens from accessing particular websites, downloading the most common communication software, such as Skype. They prosecute anyone who uses a peer-to-peer program, like uTorrent or BitTorrent.

Surfing on the Internet without a VPN allows others to see a great deal of information about your location and logs and above all your unique IP address.

e.g. let’s suppose your IP address is that automatically means that your:
Country Code: IT
Country Name: Italy
Region Code: 07
Region Name: Lazio
City: Rome
Latitude: 41.9
Longitude: 12.4833

How does KryptoVPN work?

Thanks to KryptoVPN, you will be able to connect to our servers passing through a coded network, AES 256 bit. KryptoVPN servers CONCEAL YOUR REAL IP ADDRESS and give out an entirely different IP than those of Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC’s.

Check out the image below:

kryptovpn process

The solution

KryptoVPN allows you to surf and use ANONYMOUSLY online interactive software such as Skype, Messenger, Viber, etc.

KryptoVPN enciphers ALL of your Internet communications thanks to state-of-the-art technological devices available on the market.

KryptoVPN servers are strategically located in 4 continents and various countries:
– Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden)
– USA (California and Missouri)
– Australia
– Singapore

For further security, each time you log onto the Internet, you will be given a different IP address (you will also be given the option to maintain the same IP address if needed). The symmetric key exchange used through AES 256 bit will be performed by RSA 2048 bit. Moreover, you will be given a personal RSA SecurID token rather than the usual login username and password. Only the best when it comes to safety! KryptoVPN will provide you with a virtual firewall in order to protect your computer.

No Roaming Limit with KryptoVPN!


KryptoVPN allows you to:

  • keep your Internet connection COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS;
  • protect against any Internet communication (not only surfing the web);
  • use peer-to-peer software without the risk of being exposed;
  • use software otherwise unusable (e.g. Skype);
  • have an additional virtual firewall;
  • have the highest DSL speed available;
  • have no limit roaming;
  • have immediate access if you pay with your credit/debit card.


  • an ordinary Internet connection;
  • a computer with operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X or Linux to install KryptoVPN client software;
  • a special version is available for Apple iPhones and iPads.

KryptoVPN is the only VPN service that allows you to use the best coding standards available via AES 256-bit and RSA 2048-bit while other VPN providers offer weak 56-bit encryption.

Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC is the only firm capable of guaranteeing that no connection log is filed/kept in order to safeguard your Privacy!

There are several free or cheap VPN services on the Internet. They are extremely difficult to install. Plus, surfing speed is so slow that it makes you want to hang yourself.

Concealed Identity Guaranteed

You won’t be asked to show your personal data unless you need the invoice. You will only be requested an email address through which we will send the operating instructions and password for the first access.

It is also possible to pay for the service using alternative totally anonymous payment methods.

Money-Back Guaranteed!

We offer an unconditional payback guarantee option to be exercised within 7 days of the purchase. In a few working hours, we’ll give a refund.

Price charged

Our VPN monthly flat service is only 3,99€ without roaming limits. A small price to pay for higher safety!

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