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Encrypted Phones: How Do They Work?

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Do Encrypted Phones work?

Of course, they do. They are impenetrable means of communication, as long as some fundamental parameters are fulfilled:

What are the duties of the provider which offers an encrypted service?

Let’s get down to the details.

  1. The legal and operational headquarters MUST be in a country where the government does NOT force the company to produce the back door’s key.
  2. The company MUST situate its servers in nations where the company itself is not compelled to produce its users’ data to anyone.

What are the duties of the users in order to avail themselves of a functioning encrypted system?

  1. Ask for more information before the purchase and make sure the company which offers an encrypted service follows the parameters mentioned above.
  2. Use Encrypted phones only between each other to be a hundred percent sure that your calls are not intercepted.
  3. The Encrypted Phone Service generally works through VoIP. Hence, it’s indispensable to have a pretty good internet connection, Wi-Fi or mobile data, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, or 4G.

Who might need Encrypted Phones?

Encrypted Phones are essential for anyone who might need to convey or communicate confidential information, without their conversations being listened to by third parties:

  • Governmental authorities
  • Multinational corporations
  • Patent offices
  • Companies under the attack of industrial espionage
  • Freelance professionals who manage confidential data
  • Private companies

Nowadays, in Italy and other countries where one’s privacy is not safeguarded, it is advisable to benefit from the many advantages that Encrypted Phones have to offer. One must take into account that our phone records are kept for more than 5 years, as announced by several telephone service providers.

Why choose our Encrypted Phones?

For the simple reason that We, as Imperial Eagle DMCC, abide by every engineering and legal standard in order to guarantee the utmost security over all of our services.

Given the fact that our company headquarters is situated in Dubai, in the UAE, we are NOT to produce not only the conversations but neither any other information regarding our clients. On the contrary, We are FORCED not to produce them to anyone, since it’s a legal obligation for local companies to guarantee their clients’ privacy. Otherwise, we would be put out of business.

Furthermore, even though we wanted to give one’s data, we couldn’t do that, as the keys are destroyed at the exact moment the call ends.

We trust our Encrypted Phones to such an extent that we challenge any technician, engineer, or hacker to try and tap into one of our Encrypted Conversations.

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