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KLine is The non-interceptable mobile phone

Usually, your call data (caller number and number called) are kept by your telephone service provider and “stored” on files for more than 10 years.

KLine service will not appear or pass through any public telephone switchboard, rather makes use of internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G/UMTS, therefore, coding safely the content of your speech without leaving nor traces nor having the chance to save your call logs.
The excessive use of wiretapping, due not only to investigative purposes but also to commercial competition and illegal industrial espionage, leads 5% of the world population to be unshielded from privacy, hence unprotected from prying ears.

Thanks to KLine, your audio will also be encoded, in order for it to be incomprehensible to all but the other speaker, through certified algorithms universally acknowledged to be secure(TLS & SRTP).

The privacy of your phone call is furthermore guaranteed through a coded technical infrastructure which is physically located in nations where wiretapping is illegal by law and is built in such a way that any sabotaging operation, either from the inside or from the outside, will be null and void.

Your Privacy is our Priority!

How does KLine work?

A specific application will be installed on your device (iPhone or any other Android smartphone). The abovementioned app will allow you to make and receive encrypted phone calls thanks to the use of Internet connection, be it WiFi or mobile 3G or 4G LTE data.

Calls can be received even when the app isn’t active, your smartphone will automatically take care of that. Encrypted non-interceptable phone calls can exclusively be made between KLine phones. And the reason lies in the fact that both speakers should be able to encrypt and code received and made phone calls.

If the interlocutor at the other end does not have an encrypted KLine phone, it will still be possible to make ordinary phone calls thanks to the innovative “blurring” feature:
the phone call is encrypted and secure until it reaches a certain point of interconnection with the landline network, and from this point on caller ID is set in a random and different way each time. Plus, it will be impossible to wiretap your phone given that your phone number changes over and over again. Furthermore, this fluctuating phone number isn’t tied to personal identifiers, such as your phone’s IMEI number.

Caution: with the “blurring” feature, in case the other speaker’s phone is wiretapped, the call may be overheard. Your identity will be at risk because of voice recognition. This is why we define this feature as “blurring” since it guarantees total anonymity only and exclusively when the person being overheard is you, but it can’t actually guarantee total secrecy which is assured when phone calls are made between two encrypted KLine phones.

Main features

  • The quality of the voice is as transparent and clear as an ordinary phone call;
  • No delay is introduced into the communication;
  • It uses your phone’s standard contact list and it allows you to save new phone numbers in your contact list, too;
  • It shows your missed calls, received and made calls;
  • You can change ringtone depending on the caller;
  • It supports the usually integrated speakerphone function and phone’s headset (Bluetooth also);
  • The same phone can be used to make ordinary non-encrypted phone calls and for other purposes;


  • Phone conversations in total secrecy and privacy without fear of being overheard;
  • No trace or record of your phone call (caller and called ID);
  • No additional costs for your phone calls regardless of the quantity and duration of your phone calls;
  • Encrypted conference calls without additional costs;
  • It works anywhere in the world, given that it is Voie Over IP and works through an Internet connection;


• You need to have an iPhone 5 or later version with operating system iOS 7.1, otherwise any Android 4.0 or later version dual-core smartphone;
• You absolutely need an Internet connection that reaches at least 0.7 Mbps:

1) Every WiFi broadband usually has enough speed to allow you to use our service;
2) Any 3G/UMTS connection is usually fast enough.


Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC has opted for an “open-source” coding system tested and verified by third parties and then considered 100% secure according to the studies conducted by external engineers and technicians.

The content of every phone call is encrypted by using standard TLS and SRTP cryptographic protocols. The used VoIP clients are not Imperial Eagle DWC-LLC’s owners rather they are released by third parties in order to guarantee secrecy and privacy of our clients.

The appointed servers which supervise every phone call are further encrypted with 3 different levels of cryptography, just to furthermore safeguard our clients against any interference or external or internal tampering.

Telephone switchboards do not save any data regarding communications (caller and callee id);

If you still are in a maze and doubtful, please contact your trusted technician and have him verify our technical infrastructure in its entirety.


KLine service distinguishes itself outstandingly from any other encrypted phone service: our competitors’ encrypted phones present a visible delay in the speech during a phone call, causing voice overlapping issues between the caller and the callee. Plus, they present a waiting time counting up to 2 seconds before one speaker’s words actually reach the one on the other end. This makes it almost annoying and complicated to keep a conversation going. Our KLine service doesn’t present any of these issues and once you try it you’ll never go back!

Unlike our competitors whose phone calls present hissing sounds and distortions, KLine guarantees maximum quality and clarity of your phone call and our phone calls are equal to a standard phone call, thanks to our innovative technology.

None of our competitors’ services provide encrypted conference calls, essential for businessmen who want to protect their ideas from prying ears.


You won’t be asked to show your personal data unless you need the invoice. You will only be requested an email address through which we will send the operating instructions and password for the first access.

It is also possible to pay for the service using alternative totally anonymous payment methods.

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