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How Does RF Anti Jamming Technology Work?

how does anti jamming technology work?

We would have to start by saying that anti-jamming devices are effective only on cheap, low-quality cellular frequency jammers. And to wholly understand the subject matter we might have to go deep and analyze it from tip to toes.

Anti-jamming devices are able to pick up interference in the GSM frequency, within a specific delimited area. Jammers work by overpowering the target signal with their own higher-powered signal at the same frequency.

How does an anti jammer technology counteract the effects of a jammer?

One method is by actively steering the antenna (mechanically or electronically) to place a “null” in the direction of the jammer, reducing its signal strength significantly, while affecting the desired signal minimally.

To sum up, anti-jamming devices would be effective ONLY IF we were to use a cellular frequency jammer. Otherwise, if we were to use a GPS frequency jammer, such as B39EVO, they would completely prove themselves to be ineffective since the alarm transmission mechanism would be suppressed.

To achieve greater protection or security you might want to follow the next few steps:
1. Turn jammer Raptor or PRO10 ON and activate GPS frequencies only.
2. Wait 30 seconds and power ON the remaining frequencies for mobile phones, by pressing the switches placed on the device.
3. Wait another 30 seconds and you will notice that the anti-jamming device is useless.

There is a slight chance, especially in residences, that the anti-jamming device might send the alarm signal via GPS frequencies. But don’t worry because there are jammers for radio frequencies, too.
Our only goal is to inform our users that there are several possible alternatives and options to make anti-jamming devices useless and to spread the truth about them so as to neutralize misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Intended for informative purposes only.

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