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Recently, you might have had the chance to read newspaper articles concerning telephone tapping, also known as “wiretapping”.

So, what is exactly “wiretapping”?

Wiretapping is the monitoring of telephone calls by a third party, often by secret agents for covert operations. When it is done by a government agency, it is identified as “lawful interception”.

Moreover, there have been spotted cases of successful wiretapping, despite the use of devices such as jammers. The question, then, arises: how was it possible?

The answer is far easier than it looks.

To wholly secure a specific environment, it is absolutely necessary to have more than one jammer available. The reason is that hidden microphones, commonly known as “bugs”, use way broader frequencies than an ordinary jammer can cover. There is not a single jammer in the whole world able to disrupt all of the existing frequencies.

A portable jammer can only block cellular frequencies, at most wireless communications 2.4 GHz or GPS. Consequently, a single portable jammer is not capable of preventing bugs from listening to or recording your phone conversations.

The moral of the story, in order to wholly secure a specific environment, you will need not only a cell phone jammer, but also devices like VHF-UHF radio frequency jammers, and white noise generators. The latter serves the purpose of preventing potential voice tape recorders from recording what is being said in a particular room or area.

As in any sort of investigation, most of the telecommunications’ interceptions are achieved through wiretapping. The only solution is Crypto Phones, which provide security against eavesdropping and electronic surveillance.

Our goal is to “spread the truth” about such a delicate issue, so as to avoid any misunderstanding and misconception.

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