0-10 GHz Professional Bug Detector With Memory



The RLV4 is a pocket-sized broadband bug detector designed to detect and locate signals from the latest hidden listening, monitoring, cellular and video devices. With a completely new hardware design, the RLV4 packs never-before-seen features in a unique compact portable RF detector.

It features an RF frequency range of 0-10GHz with unrivaled sensitivity, particularly at higher frequencies, due to the increasing threat from the latest high-frequency devices. A new intelligent design has been implemented on this frequency meter and is now able to display most of the digital and analog frequencies up to a maximum of 6 GHz.

0-10 GHz Professional Bug Detector Features

  • Ultrasensitive frequency response 0 – 10 GHz with improved performance;
  • Detect hidden devices for listening, monitoring, mobile phone and video, even the latest generation;
  • 0-6 GHz frequency meter for analog and digital signals;
  • The ‘livescan’ function shows “live” the trace of the detected signal;
  • Records all signals and Burst frequencies detected up to 1000 events;
  • 2.5-inch color TFT display;
  • Two antennas included: High directional gain antenna and standard Whip antenna;
  • Detects digital and analog signals;
  • Audio demodulation via built-in speaker;