130-480MHz Radio Frequency VHF UHF Jammer



Jammer B69L is exclusively a VHF UHF Radio Frequency Jammer.

Unlike Jammer 69, which is broadband, jammer B69L has much shorter bands, in order to be more effective on specific devices.

What is this VHF UHF jammer’s purpose?

  1. It disrupts any hidden VHF UHF radio microphone within a 50-150m range.
  2. It blocks any transmission between walkie-talkies (much better than Jammer B69).
  3. It neutralizes any alarm system transmission which communicates at such frequencies.
  4. It puts out of order any remote control using such frequencies.

Technical specifications

Product Code: B69L
Frequency: 130-150MHz: 20W VHF 150-180MHz: 20W VHF 420-450MHz: 20W UHF 420-480MHz: 20W UHF
Output Power: 80 W
Jamming Range: 50-150 meters
Antenna Interface: Omni-directional magnetic base antenna

Extra Info

Color: Grey
Dimensions (LxWxD): 400mm(L)×190mm(W)×60mm(H)
Warranty: 1 Year