315 – 418 – 433 MHz Car Lock Jammer

SKU: B59


B59 is a Jammer intended for blocking frequency transmission between a car remote control and its receiver inside the car. Thus, It’s meant to block the remote opening and closing of a car lock.

It is built with 6 different bands, all for radio remote control frequencies and they are:

  • 310MHz
  • 315MHz
  • 330MHz
  • 390MHz
  • 418MHz
  • 433MHz

As you can see, this specific jammer lacks 866 – 869 frequencies. So, when matched with Jammer B55, they can easily block every frequency employed by any car manufacturers.

Technical specifications

Product Code: B59
Frequency: RF1 310MHz RF2 315MHz RF3 330MHz RF4 390MHz RF5 418MHz RF6 433MHz
Jamming Range: Up to 40 meters (Depending on working environment and signal strength)
Working Current: 600mA
Power Adapter: DC 9-12V
Color: Black
Warranty: 1 Year