3G 4G Cell Phone and GPS L1 Backpack Jammer



This is a 5 Band RF Backpack Jammer for GSM 3G mobile phones and is a GPS L1 Jammer, as well.

It’s specially designed for military use, for foot soldiers’ protection during dangerous explorations, it can be used for protection against bombs employing radio control guidance, VIP protection, or as an anti-terrorist measure to prevent dangerous individuals from communicating their exact location.

You can see this kind of jamming device in video games such as Batman Arkham City, but this is real life. Yes, we do have military equipment jammers and we’re not kidding.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 39 × 34 × 13 cm

Technical specifications

Frequency: 850-895MHz 920-965MHz 1800-2000MHz 2100-2170MHz GPS L1 1575MHz
Output Power: 70 W
Jamming Range: 40-100 meters@-75dBm
Antenna Interface: Omni 360
Battery: 2 Hours
Power Adapter: AC adapter (AC220V-DC27V or 24V/18Amp)

Extra Info

Dimensions (LxWxD): 390 x 340 x 130 mm
Operating Temperature: -20℃ / +60℃
Humidity: 5% / 90%
Warranty: 1 Year