4 Bands Car Mounted GPS L1 and GSM Jammer



B63G is a fixed desktop jamming device that can be mounted inside or outside your car in order to blur GSM, CDMA 3G Cell Phones, and the main global positioning system GPS L1. Obviously, it can be kept inside a building and it works fine.

Easy to set up and you’ll find out that it works great on cell phone networks. This is what we call a Professional Jammer.

Below, you can see all the specific details of this amazing jamming device.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 51.8 × 42.8 × 22.8 cm

Technical specifications

Frequency: 850-895MHz 920-960MHz 1800-2000MHz GPS L1 1575MH
Output Power: 63W
Jamming Range: Radius 50/150 meters (-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas)
Antenna Interface: External Omni 500mm long or Directional Patch Panel Antennas (Both omni and directional antennas with frame are inlcuded)
Battery: +24V / 45AH LiFePO4 can work 3-5 Hours.
Power Adapter: AC110 or 220-240V /DC 27V
Dimensions (LxWxD): 518 x 428 x 228 mm (Case only)
Warranty: 1 Year