6 Bands GPS L1, Bluetooth & GSM 3G Jammer



B61R is a 6-bands handheld jammer. It blocks GPS L1, WiFi Bluetooth, and GSM 3G Cell Phones, which means that it will disrupt any incoming/outgoing phone call within the operating range stated below.

As previously mentioned, apart from mobile phone frequencies, jammer B61R prevents any WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS L1 device from transmitting data.

So, what’s the difference between this jammer and its twins B61C and B61G? The difference is in the fact that B61C only jams cell phones and Wireless frequencies, while the latter jams exclusively GPS Frequencies and Lojack Frequencies.

Technical specifications

Product Code: B61 R
Frequency: 800-895MHz: 0,6W 920-965MHz: 0,6W 1800-2000MHz: 0,5W 2100-2170MHz: 0,4W WiFi WiFi/Bluetooth 2400-2500MHz: 0,4W GPS L1 1575.42 MHz±10MHz: 0,4W
Output Power: 2,9W
Jamming Range: 5-20 meters (Depending on signal strength)
Antenna Interface: -75dBm omnidirectional antennae
Remote Control: No
Battery: Ni-Mh battery 4000mA
Power Adapter: AC 110-240V or DC 12V car adapter

Extra Info

Dimensions (LxWxD): 120 x 70 x 35mm
Warranty: 1 Year