All-in-One Portable Cell Phone, GPS, WiFi and LoJack Jammer



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In 2012 we introduced to you our jammer B39, a portable device designed to block 8 frequency bands.

This is the improved version of a handheld cell phone CDA, GSM & 3G Jammer, GPS LoJack blocker and WiFi Bluetooth Jammer.

Any electrical engineer would have called the idea of merging so many bands in such a small object a great challenge. Of course, you cannot simply focus on pocket-sized measures to the expense of necessary features, such as:

  • Jamming efficiency;
  • Battery life;
  • Thermal dissipation.

Our project proved successful, as both tests in our laboratories and done by our customers demonstrated this was, indeed, the best portable jammer on the market.

While our sales department was busy dealing with a lot of orders, our technical department wasn’t just lying around. They embarked on a new challenge: improving the jammer that everyone thought to be perfect.

They gathered to improve two of the main features: battery life and heat dissipation. Many customers, when purchasing signal blockers, known as jammers, tend to not take into account the said features, assigning primary importance to the inhibition range. Well, you should always remember that a less-than-perfect heat dissipation system can only lead to a loss of power, thus affecting the initial range.

For this reason, we built a slightly larger case, so as to disperse the heat, with an additional fan. This also allowed us to install a larger battery pack, thus to improve battery life.

Antennas Disposition:

  • Antenna No1. GSM850 and GSM900
  • Antenna No2. GSM1800MHz (European Version) GSM1900 (American Version)
  • Antenna No3. 3G – 2100Mhz
  • Antenna No4. GPS L1 and GPS L2
  • Antenna No5. GPS L5
  • Antenna No6. WiFi / Bluetooth – 2.4GHz or LoJack

Additional information

Weight 0.580 kg
Dimensions 15.3 × 7.6 × 3.5 cm

Technical specifications

European Frequencies: GSM900 + CDMA850 GSM 1800 3G GPS L1 GPS L2 GPS L5 2.4GHz WiFi / Bluetooth (or switch to 2.4G for LoJack)
American Frequencies: CDMA850 + GSM900 GSM1900 3G GPS L1 GPS L2 GPS L5 2.4GHz WiFi / Bluetooth or switch to 2.4G for LoJack)
Working Object: Every 2G and 3G mobile phone, every GPS signal, 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth (or LoJack)
Output Power: 2350mW
Jamming Range: 5-15 meters
Antenna Interface: 6x Omni SMA 3dB antennas
Remote Control: No

Extra Info

Working Current: Max 2800-3400mA
Power Supply: PLL Synthesized
Battery: Lithium-ion battery 8.4V 6500mAh, Battery life 2 ~ 2.5 hours Full charge in 4.5 hours
Power Adapter: AC adapter 110-250V 5VDC 2000mA, Car adapter 12-24V 5VDC 2000mA
Color: Black
Dimensions (LxWxD): 153 x 76 x 35mm / 580grams
Operating Temperature: 0-50 C
Humidity: 5% - 80%
Warranty: 1 year