Anonymous Data SIM Card (Europe)



KSim is the anonymous, cost-effective and secure data SIM card supported by the major mobile operators in all of the 27 countries of the European Union. KSim data SIM card supports multi-carriers in all member states of The EU.

Completely Anonymous Data SIM Card

The difference between our anonymous data SIM cards and those of our competitors is that KSim is actually anonymous. The SIM is not registered under your name and you don’t need to provide your documents to purchase one. The anonymous SIM card does not come with a phone number and does not bear a registered country prefix.

Since it does not come with a phone number, you won’t be able to make/receive calls or send/receive SMS, all of which have been disabled by default. Only 3G/4G roaming data connectivity is allowed.

Premium 4G Data SIM

Our KSim anonymous SIM card always connects to the best carrier in a specific city of a certain country.

It automatically detects the best 4G connection among the various operators and latches on to it. There is nothing else you need to do. It does all on its own. All you have to do is place the SIM card in your handset, set the APN (provided by us upon purchase confirmation) and start browsing. As simple as that.

Anonymous Cost-Effective SIM Card

KSim is the anonymous cost-effective SIM card that allows you to stay connected in more than 28 countries in The EU area.

As mentioned earlier, it is, indeed, anonymous as it is not tied to your name, address or other identifiers. Users will be able to take advantage of its 3G/4G (4G is the default connection, 3G will replace it in areas where the local mobile operators do not offer 4G) speed and connectivity and all of its features to the fullest by using it in combination with our encrypted VoIP service, KLine.

Take the hassle out of swapping SIM cards when traveling.

1 SIM Card = +28 countries covered.

Prices are intended per annual basis depending on the monthly data bundle purchased. Keep in mind that there is a monthly cap per bundle. So, if you reach the limit of your monthly data allowance, you won’t be able to browse anymore until the next month.

The list of countries where coverage is offered is listed below under the coverage tab. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


Country ISO Ratezone Operator
Austria at EU28 A1
Austria at EU28 T-Mobile
Austria at EU28 H3G
Belgium be EU28 Base
Belgium be EU28 Orange
Belgium be EU28 Proximus
Bulgaria bg EU28 A1
Bulgaria bg EU28 Vivacom
Bulgaria bg EU28 Telenor
Croatia hr EU28 T-Mobile
Croatia hr EU28 Tele2
Croatia hr EU28 A1
Cyprus cy EU28 CYTAmobile-Vodafone
Cyprus cy EU28 MTN
Cyprus cy EU28 Primetel
Czech Republic cz EU28 T-Mobile
Czech Republic cz EU28 O2
Czech Republic cz EU28 Vodafone
Denmark dk EU28 TDC
Denmark dk EU28 Hi3G
Denmark dk EU28 Telia
Denmark dk EU28 Telenor
Estonia ee EU28 Elisa
Estonia ee EU28 Tele2
Estonia ee EU28 Telia
Finland fi EU28 Alcom
Finland fi EU28 Telia
Finland fi EU28 Elisa
Finland fi EU28 DNA
France fr EU28 SFR
France fr EU28 Orange
France fr EU28 Free Mobile
France fr EU28 Bouygues
Germany de EU28 Telefonica O2
Germany de EU28 Telekom
Germany de EU28 Vodafone
Greece gr EU28 Cosmote
Greece gr EU28 Vodafone
Greece gr EU28 Wind
Hungary hu EU28 T-Mobile
Hungary hu EU28 Telenor
Hungary hu EU28 Vodafone
Iceland is EU28 SIMINN
Iceland is EU28 Nova
Iceland is EU28 Vodafone
Ireland ie EU28 3
Ireland ie EU28 eir
Ireland ie EU28 Vodafone
Italy it EU28 Telecom Italia Mobile
Italy it EU28 Vodafone
Italy it EU28 ILIAD
Italy it EU28 Wind
Latvia lv EU28 LMT
Latvia lv EU28 Bite
Latvia lv EU28 Tele2
Liechtenstein li EU28 FL1
Liechtenstein li EU28 Salt
Lithuania lt EU28 Telia
Lithuania lt EU28 Bite
Lithuania lt EU28 Tele2
Luxembourg lu EU28 Post
Luxembourg lu EU28 Orange
Luxembourg lu EU28 Tango
Malta mt EU28 Vodafone
Malta mt EU28 GO
Netherlands nl EU28 T-Mobile
Netherlands nl EU28 Vodafone
Netherlands nl EU28 KPN
Norway no EU28 Telenor
Norway no EU28 Telia
Poland pl EU28 Play
Poland pl EU28 Orange
Poland pl EU28 T-Mobile
Poland pl EU28 Plus
Portugal pt EU28 NOS
Portugal pt EU28 Vodafone
Portugal pt EU28 MEO
Romania ro EU28 Vodafone
Romania ro EU28 Telekom
Romania ro EU28 Digi Mobil
Romania ro EU28 Orange
Slovakia sk EU28 Orange
Slovakia sk EU28 O2
Slovakia sk EU28 Telekom
Slovenia si EU28 Telekom
Slovenia si EU28 Telemach
Slovenia si EU28 A1
Spain es EU28 Yoigo
Spain es EU28 Vodafone
Spain es EU28 Movistar
Spain es EU28 Orange
Sweden se EU28 Telia
Sweden se EU28 Telenor
Sweden se EU28 3
Sweden se EU28 Tele2
United Kingdom gb EU28 O2
United Kingdom gb EU28 EE
United Kingdom gb EU28 3
United Kingdom gb EU28 Vodafone


    KSim EU Coverage