Car Lock Jammer 315MHz



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This portable remote control jammer W8 works on 315MHz. It was designed to block handheld wireless remote controls, including Car remote controls, garage remote controls and so on. The expected working area is a 5~20 meter radius.

Applicable to disable and stop auto car remote controls etc.

Features of Remote Control Jammer 315MHz

  • Each device blocks only one frequency point
  • Fit to disable auto car remote controls
  • Able to stop garage door remote control
  • Max output power
  • Blocking range floats within 4MHz
  • Could make appointed similar frequency point
  • Harmless to human
  • It comes with a one year warranty.

Technical specifications

Product Code: W8
Frequency: 315MHz + - 2MHz
Output Power: 3 Watts
Jamming Range: 10~20 Meters
Power Adapter: 9V Heavy Duty Battery
Color: White
Humidity: -30C ~ 60C