Cell Phone & Bug Detector 10MHz ~ 10GHz (Built-in White Noise Generator)



This sophisticated bug detector quickly identifies signals from hidden GPS transmitters, cell phones and much more for electronic debugging purposes.

Identify any hidden device!

When you are ready to prevent others from listening in on your conversations or tracking your movements, the RLV7 bug detector is the ideal choice. The RLV7 detector for cellular and GPS signals is designed to locate any transmission device within 10 – 15 meters. For best results, this state-of-the-art device offers up to 10 GHz of radio frequency detection.

You can use the RLV7 to prevent other users from tapping your phone or using a laser device to intercept conversations from a conference room. Since the detector in question is capable of locating any wireless transmission associated with bugs, it will allow you to quickly identify any threats to user security, as well.

In order to identify and block a variety of threats, this sophisticated device is designed to determine if GPS trackers and devices that rely on Internet signals are in the immediate vicinity.

Furthermore, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing how to be protected from “prying eyes” and hidden recorders, thanks to the white noise generator feature.

Extra Info

Working Object: GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, DCS, GPS, GSM locators, 3G, 4G (SMS detection)
Battery: 9V
Frequency range (up-link bands): 10MHz ~ 10GHz