Phoenix is the most powerful portable 4 bands Jammer in our catalog and is an exclusive device of our own making. Phoenix, entirely customizable, (it will be up to the customer to choose the four frequencies to be implemented on the device) is able to disrupt the following frequencies:

  • Cellular frequencies (GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE) within a range of 20-50 meters;
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth frequencies (2.4GHz & 5GHz) within a range of 50-60 meters;
  • GPS frequencies (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5) within a range of 100-200 meters;

Portable 4 bands jammer features

The build quality ensures seamless performance and the output power of the 4 bands jammer Phoenix is astounding, especially when compared to that of other portable jammers.

To give you a sense of perspective, just think that a single channel of the Phoenix has a wattage equal to the overall wattage of the 10 bands jammer PRO10 PRO10 (10 Watt) and even higher than that of the 8 bands jammer Raptor (8 Watt).

Configured with 4 bands of your choice, the output power, disarming, can even reach 38 watts allowing Phoenix to block cell frequencies within a range dozens of meters (20-50 meters), and other frequencies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. within 50-200 meters.

This is, without any doubt, the most powerful handheld jammer that we ever designed. Its prohibitive price is due to its higher output power and stability that no other portable device can match.

4 Band Jammer Configuration

The following configuration is recommended on two phoenix devices for jamming cellular signals, WiFi, GPS L1 & LoJack:

Phoenix 4 band portable jammer #1:

  1. GSM;
  2. 2G;
  3. 3G;
  4. GPS L1.

Phoenix 4 band portable jammer #2:

  1. 4G Low;
  2. 4G High;
  3. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi;
  4. LoJack.

Please use the “NOTE” section at checkout or the form below to request a special configuration of the Phoenix.

Technical specifications

European Frequencies:
Freq. 1: 920-965MHz: 10W GSM900 Freq. 2: 1800-1920MHz: 10W DCS Freq. 3: 2100-2170MHz: 10W 3G,UMTS Freq. 4: WiFi 2400-2500MHz: 8W WiFi 11.b & g Freq. 5: 825-830MHz: 10W 4GLTE Freq. 6: 2570-2690MHz: 8W 4G High Freq. 7: 1575.42-1620MHz: 10W GPS L1 + Glonass L1 Freq. 8: 5.1-5.9GHz: 2W WiFi 11.a Freq. 9: LoJack 164MHz/173MHz: 5W Freq. 10: GPS L2 + Glonass L2: 8W Freq. 11: GPS L3 + L4: 8W Freq. 12: GPS L5: 8W
Output Power:
30-38 W total (Depending on the requested configuration)
Jamming Range:
20-50 meters (Depending on signal strength)
Antenna Interface:
Omnidirectional antennas (-75dBm@ depending on signal strength)
Power Supply:
AC100-240V or 12V Car charger
40-60 minutes or uninterrupted use when plugged into the power socket
Remote Control:

Extra Info

Operating Temperature:
Silver & Black
145 x 95 x 45mm
1.20 Kg
1 year



4 Bands portable Jammer (Unboxing & Demo)


    Phoenix portable 4 band jammer