Encrypted Number With Flat Annual Subscription



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Encrypted number with a flat annual subscription (365 days)

By subscribing, you will be able to enjoy our encrypted phone service, without time limits, from anywhere in the world!


  • You need either an iPhone 5 or a later version;
  • WiFi and Mobile Data;
  • Preferably 4G LTE connection, if possible;


  • You will be able to make encrypted non-interceptable phone calls, even when your phone might be monitored by third parties, be it for IMEI number or be it for the sim card inserted;
  • You will have the possibility to make phone calls without any sort of sim card, but simply via Wifi;
  • You will get the opportunity to make “blurry” calls to any phone number, the person on the other end will see a fake international phone number which will change each time;
  • You will get the chance to call anyone with someone else’s phone number, thanks to our Jolly option;
  • You will be able to make ENCRYPTED phone calls even from abroad, at the EXACT SAME PRICE.

Your phone number will be under nobody’s name, it will be completely anonymous.

Why should you prefer us over any of our competitors?

Since our office headquarters are in The United Arab Emirates, we are NOT to give any of our clients’ data to anybody, given that it is against the law in the U.A.E. Nobody, and we mean not a soul in the whole world, can make us do that.

Furthermore, we are not obliged to register our communication’s backdoor keys. Therefore, not even our technicians or engineers can listen to our client’s phone call. Unlike all of our competitors from Europe, Canada, and The United States.