B88 is our brand new powerful 8 bands desktop jammer capable of blocking all cell phone frequencies, WiFi 2.4GHz, GPS L1, and LoJack.

However, bear in mind that it can be customized as per your needs by choosing 8 frequencies among the ones listed below. All frequencies are very flexible and interchangeable so as to better suit our clients’ needs.

What is the peculiarity of this desktop jammer?

Unlike the B60 & B68 series, the B88 can be employed to secure a larger area, ranging from 30 to 60-meter radius, in order to block unwanted and unlawful eavesdropping that depend on cell phones & Internet connection. It is able to block illicit tracking through GPS and LoJack as well.

Furthermore, it will immediately disable 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, and WiFi Internet access. Nobody will be able to send WhatsApp voice or text messages that might compromise the integrity of a private conversation. All Internet access will be denied thanks to the B88.

Although it is classified as a desktop jammer due to its size, it can also be installed in medium and large vehicles thanks to its DC 24V car adapter which allows a seamless operation.

Where can the B88 desktop jammer be installed?

This desktop jammer can be installed in sensitive sites such as:

  • Meeting rooms;
  • Office spaces;
  • Conference halls;
  • Lecture rooms;
  • Places of worship such as Masjid, Church, Temple, etc.;
  • Movie theatres and so on;

Contents of the package:

  • Main jammer B88;
  • Hard carry case (upon request for an extra fee);
  • 8 x Omnidirectional antennas;
  • Wall adapter;

If needed, make sure that you request a bespoke configuration by mentioning the customized frequencies in the “NOTE” section during checkout. Feel free to contact us by filling out the inquiry form to request further information. If you are not whether this is the jammer for you, please take a look at our guide on choosing a jammer.

Technical specifications

European Frequencies:
Freq. 1: GSM 900 920-965MHz: 10W Freq. 2: DCS 1800-1880MHz: 10W Freq. 3: 3G UMTS2100-2170MHz: 10W Freq. 4: WiFi 2400-2480MHz:8W Freq. 5: 4G Low 790-830MHz: 10W Freq. 6: 4G High 2570-2690MHz: 8W Freq. 7: GPS L1 1575.42Mhz: 10W Freq. 8: LoJack 164-173MHz: 10W
American Frequencies:
Freq. 1: CDMA 850-895MHz: 10W Freq. 2: PHS, DCS 1800-1990MHz: 10W Freq. 3: 3G UMTS 2100-2170MHz: 10W Freq. 4: WiFi 2400-2480MHz:8W 11.b, g Freq. 5: 4G LTE 700-800MHz: 10W Freq. 6: 4G WiMax 2500-2700MHz:8 W Freq. 7: GPS L1 1575.42Mhz: 10W Freq. 8: LoJack 173MHz: 10W
Optional frequencies:
  • Remote/Alarm Control: 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz;
  • GPS L2 L3 L4 L5;
  • 11.a WiFi 5.1-5.5GHz, 5.5-5.9GHz;
  • 5G 3.5-3.7GHz.
Output Power:
Jamming Range:
30-60 meters (-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas)
Antenna Interface:
380 mm Long Standard omnidirectional antennas (directional antennas upon request)
Power Supply:
AC100-240V or DC 24V
Remote Control:
Upon request

Extra Info

Operating Temperature:
5.0 Kg
410 x 160 x 60 mm
1 year


    Desktop Jammer B88