High Power Remote Control Jammer 315-433-868MHz

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Jammer B70 is a radio frequency remote control jammer specifically designed for cars and vehicles. It’s one of a kind.

Its overall output power of 65W can reach an enormous distance, exceeding 100 meters in most cases. Thanks to its output power, it can solve problems regarding different frequencies, used by most car manufacturers.

For example: if there’s power equalizing 20W on channel 433 MHz, not only will it jam the just-said frequency, but also frequency 433,92 and frequency 434 MHz, without encountering any problem at all.

Although Jammer B70 is bigger than a usual portable jammer, it can easily be hidden in a storage closet.

Jammer B70 can also be included in the category of “professional jammers” used in the military field, given that it’s a Top Quality Product!

Technical specifications

Product Code: B70
Frequency: 315 MHz: 20W 433 MHz: 20W 868 MHz: 25W
Working Object: Opening and closing vehicles, cars, garage doors, etc
Output Power: 65W
Jamming Range: 50-150 meters
Antenna Interface: Omni-directional
Power Adapter: AC110 o 220-240V /DC 12 o 27V

Extra Info

Color: Grey
Dimensions (LxWxD): 350 x 190 x 60mm
Warranty: 1 Year