IPhone 13 Pro + Kline Plus

SKU: iphone13_pro


KLine Plus is the new and innovative VoIP service that allows you to chat, call, video call and make conference calls to anyone in the world with low-battery consumption, without additional roaming charges, and with the revolutionary end-to-end technology.

End-to-end encryption is the most secure way of communication that makes any type of text and voice conversation totally secure, being free from gateways (network devices) and physical routers, your personal data will not be saved on any server.

Our platform has been designed to prevent any attempt by third-party hacking or reading.

KLine Plus works on Wi-Fi, 4G (preferred) and 3G (UMTS/HSPA) mobile networks.

  • Communications cannot be decrypted, except by the recipient;
  • No Call logs or records;
  • No territorial restrictions, you can freely communicate safely from anywhere in the world;
  • No personal identification required. Totally anonymous;
  • Anonymous worldwide 4G data SIM card valid for 1 year (included in the price).

Your Privacy is our Priority!

Join the KLine Plus world today and save up to 30%. For further information visit the website: https://klineapp.com/