Noise Generator Jammer Acoustic And Vibroacoustic


GRB10 is specially used for security and protection of environments such as rooms, offices, etc. to prevent the leakage of acoustic, vibroacoustic and laser channel information by forming acoustic and vibroacoustic broadband within a circumscribed perimeter.

The GRB10 jamming system consists of a central generator (main device, as in the large picture) and an electrodynamic (acoustic) transducer or a passive electromagnetic transducer (vibration) connected by cable.

GRB10 Application

Information leaks from a room by means of vibrations that are created/formed on walls, windows or tubes, by acoustic signals circulating in each room, and which can, therefore, be intercepted by an intruder present outside the room itself.

Therefore the device provides active protection from:

  • Microwave systems, including laser microphones, used to intercept audio information through a glass window;
  • Stethoscopes/contact microphones used to intercept sound information through solid structures (walls, ceilings, floors, windows and glass openings), gas and water pipes;
  • Wireless and cable microphones and magnetic recording devices installed in wall cavities, suspended fall ceilings, ventilation ducts/tubes, etc.

Electromagnetic transducers (Vibro), connected to the generator, are fixed to building structures (walls, windows, heating pipes) with special fixing units. When the GRB10 generator is switched on, the transducers create a noise masking signal in the walls, windows, and tubes, thus preventing interception of the conversation in the room.

Furthermore, the electrodynamic transducers, which are also connected to the generator, are normally used for the protection of air ducts and empty spaces in Armstrong false ceilings.


  • Access to the configuration menu is protected by a 4-digit password;
  • Time of use of noise generation and display of LCD indicator values for each channel;
  • No special training required for use;
  • Short-circuit protection for every single channel;
  • GRB10 status monitoring;
  • Adjustment of the output power level;
  • Remote control (optional).

Technical specifications

Output Power:
Power Supply:
220 V / 50 Hz 30W
225x150x75 mm

Extra Info

Operating Temperature:
+10 - +35°С
Working object:
Laser pointers, microwave systems, stethoscopes, magnetic recording devices installed in wall cavities, etc
90 Hz - 11,2 kHz
2 years