Portable 10 Bands Jammer PRO10



In March 2016 we introduced to you the Raptor, the most powerful 8 bands portable jammer in the world. It has been a great success since the very first day we released the Raptor 8 band jammer on the market. Given the success we have achieved, we started developing a more powerful Jammer capable of blocking more frequencies, without however neglecting the main feature that distinguishes our products, QUALITY.

What is PRO10 10 bands jammer?

PRO10 is the result of the time and work of our engineers who, with patience and persistence, strive to offer our customers more and more professional and durable devices. It is a professional 10 bands jammer capable of completely ensuring your privacy. It is indispensable to safeguard your privacy within small-medium sized rooms, cars, conference rooms, places of worship, offices, etc.

To date, PRO10 is the world’s most powerful portable 10 bands jammer device available on the market with a jamming range varying from a minimum of 10 meters to a maximum of 30 meters. A signal jammer as powerful as a generic desktop jammer, with less than half the weight and size of the same. The dimensions are just 145 * 95 * 45 mm and the weight is 1.2 kg.

Portable 10 bands jammer features

The main feature of the PRO10 lies in the fact that it can easily jam all ten bands at the same time without that compromising the efficiency and power of the device itself. Like the 8-band jammer Raptor, PRO10 is equipped with micro switches (dip switches) that can turn on/off any single frequency of your choice.

With this handheld jammer by your side, you will always be protected and safe. Wherever you may be, there is no possible GPS locator that can carry on its task. Cell phones and new generation smartphones, such as iPhone or Samsung, or older generation mobile phones such as Nokia, Motorola, etc won’t be able to make/receive traditional or VoIP calls, send/receive SMS or MMS, surf the web or chat/make calls and video calls on Whatsapp thanks to 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, 5G and WiFi 2.4GHz networks. GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G and WiFi data transmission will be completely invalidated. Thus, it qualifies PRO10 as The cell phone jammer, par excellence.

Finally, you can enjoy your well-deserved silence as you go to work or go back home after an exhausting and stressful day in the unbearable chaos of your city.

PRO10 is a 10 band jammer capable of preventing the correct operation of wireless cam cameras, audio and video bugs, and every spy gadget using the frequencies listed below.

PRO10 10 bands frequencies

The basic version of the PRO10 disrupts the following 10 frequency bands:

  • GSM900
  • DCS1800
  • 3G UMTS
  • 4G Low
  • 4G High
  • WiFi / Bluetooth 2.4GHz
  • 5G
  • GPS L1 + Glonass L1
  • 5GHz WiFi or GPS L2 + L5 + Glonass L2 or 868MHz
  • Lojack 173MHz or 433MHz.

You shall also request a customized version of the device by choosing one of the following frequencies: WiFi 5GHz, GPS L2 + Glonass L2, GPS L5, etc. Use the “NOTE” space during checkout or the form below to request customization to the basic version of the PRO10.

The package includes:

  • PRO10 10 bands main jammer
  • 10 omnidirectional antennas
  • Pouch case (military-style)
  • Wall charger
  • Car charger
  • Instruction manual.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 9.5 × 4.5 cm

5G + WiFi 5GHz + GPS L1/L2/L5, 5G + Remote Control Frequencies

Technical specifications

American Frequencies European Frequencies

850-895MHz: 1W CDMA850

1800-2000MHz: 1W DCS, PCS

2100-2170MHz: 1W 3G, UMTS

2300-2500MHz: 1W 4G LTE + WiFi 2.4GHz

2500-2700MHz: 1W 4G WiMAX Sprint

700-800MHz: 1W 4G LTE USA iPhone (AT&T & Verizon)

1570-1620MHz: 1W GPS L1 + Glonass L1

5G 617-652MHz: 1W 5G

173MHz: 1W LoJack or 433MHz: 1W RC

5100-5900MHz: 1W WiFi 5GHz or 1170-1280MHz: 1W GPS L2 + L5 + Glonass L2

758-830MHz: 1W 5G, 4G LTE Low

920-965MHz: 1W GSM900

1800-1920MHz: 1W DCS

2100-2170MHz: 1W 3G, UMTS

2400-2500MHz: 1W WiFi 2.4GHz

2570-2690MHz: 1W 4G LTE High

1450-1620MHz: 1W 5G + GPS L1 + Glonass L1

5G 3400-3800MHz: 1W 5G

164-173MHz: 1W LoJack

5100-5900MHz: 1W WiFi 5GHz or 1170-1280MHz: 1W GPS L2 + L5 + Glonass L2

Output Power: 10W. 1W per each band.
Jamming Range: 10-30 meters (Depending on the signal strength in the area)
Antenna Interface: Omnidirectional Antennas
Remote Control: No
Power Supply: AC110-240V or 12V car charger
Battery: Ni-Mh battery 8000mAH (up to 2 hours of operation)

Extra Info

Color: Silver & black
Dimensions (LxWxD): 145 x 95 x 45 mm
Operating Temperature: 0°C - 50°C
Humidity: 5% - 80%
Warranty: 1 year



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