Our 16 band portable jammer PRO16 is a device that is designed to block a wide range of frequencies across multiple frequency bands. It is a compact, handheld device that can be easily carried around, making it ideal for use in a variety of situations where wireless signals need to be disrupted.

The PRO16 jammer is equipped with 16 antennas that are tuned to specific frequencies, allowing it to block cell phone signals up to 5G across multiple frequency bands simultaneously.

With the ability to block signals across these frequency bands, this jammer is effective in disrupting a wide range of wireless communication devices, including cell phones, GPS systems, and remote control devices. Its portability and compact design make it easy to use in a variety of settings, including conferences, meetings, classrooms, and public spaces.

Although, we strongly advise against using our signal blockers in public spaces where you might end up blocking mobile phones and wireless devices of people around you.

Here are some additional details about our PRO16 16-band handheld jammer:

  1. Frequency range: The PRO16 can cover a broad range of frequencies across 16 different bands. The range can vary based on the specific model, but typically it can cover frequencies from 800MHz to 2700MHz and also GPS, LoJack, and remote control frequencies.
  2. Jamming range: The jamming distance can also vary, but typically it can jam signals up to 30 meters away. Keep in mind the range can be affected by factors such as the strength of the signal, the environment, and the presence of obstacles in your surroundings.
  3. Power supply: The jammer is powered by a rechargeable battery that can provide several hours of continuous use. The battery can be charged using a standard wall outlet or a car cigarette lighter charger.
  4. Size and weight: Our 16 bands jammer is typically compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. The size and weight make it easy to fit comfortably in a confined space or a small bag.
  5. User interface: The PRO16 is equipped with a user-friendly interface with dip switches that allows you to select which frequency bands to block individually.
  6. Cooling system: Since this 16 antennas portable signal blocker generates heat while in operation, it is equipped with a best-in-class cooling system to prevent overheating.

Overall, our PRO16 portable jammer is a versatile and effective device for disrupting wireless signals across multiple frequency bands. It is a useful tool for a variety of settings where you need to prevent wireless communication devices, GPS trackers, wireless GSM bugs, etc. from functioning, including in vehicles, schools, restaurants, libraries, cinema theatres, and other public places.

The PRO16 comes in 3 different versions:

  • Black metal case: The case is made of metal and it also comes with a holster.
  • Black plastic case: The case is made of plastic and the holster is not included.
  • Army green plastic case: The case is made of plastic and it has a unique army camouflage look to it. It does not come with a holster.

Be sure to check out our 10 bands portable jammer PRO10 and its superior counterpart 12 bands portable jammer in case this 16 antennas signal blocker is too much for your use case.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 135 × 5 cm

Metal case, Plastic case, Army green case

Technical specifications

American Frequencies European Frequencies

850-895MHz: 1W CDMA 850

758-830MHz: 1W 5G, 4G LTE Low

1800-2000MHz: 1W DCS, PCS

920-965MHz: 1W GSM900

2100-2170MHz: 1W 3G, UMTS

1800-1920MHz: 1W DCS

2300-2500MHz: 1W 4G LTE + WiFi 11.b & g

2100-2170MHz: 1W 3G, UMTS

2500-2700MHz: 1W 4G WiMAX Sprint

2400-2500MHz: 1W WiFi 11.b & g

700-800MHz: 1W 4G LTE USA iPhone (AT&T & Verizon)

2570-2690MHz: 1W 4G LTE High

1570-1620 MHz: 1W GPS L1 + Glonass L1

1450-1620MHz 1W 5G + GPS L1 +Glonass L1

173MHz: 1W LoJack

164-173MHz: 1W LoJack 164MHz

315MHz: 1W Remote Control

315MHz: 1W Remote Control

433MHz: 1W UHF Remote Control

433MHz: 1W UHF Remote Control

868MHz: 1W Remote Control

868MHz: 1W Remote Control

5.1-.5.9GHz: 1W WiFi 11.a

5.1-.5.9GHz: 1W WiFi 11.a

1170-1280MHz: 1W GPS L2 + L5+ Glonass L2

1170-1280MHz: 1W GPS L2 + L5+ Glonass L2

5G 617-652MHz 1W 5G LTE

5G 3400-3600MHz: 1W 5G LTE

1700-1800MHz: 1W 4G LTE

5G 3600-3800MHz: 1W 5G LTE

400-480MHz: 1W UHF Remote Control

400-480MHz: 1W UHF Remote Control  

Output Power:

16W total (1W per band)

Jamming Range:

Radius 5-30 meters  

Antenna Interface:
-75dBm@Omnidirectional antennas
Power Supply:

AC100-240V or 12V Car Charger


Ni-Mh battery 16000mAH ( up to 3.0 Hours) 

Remote Control:

Extra Info

Operating Temperature:
Black metal case, black plastic case, army style plastic case

200 x 135 x 50mm (main unit only, not including antennas) 

1 year