Professional 10MHz – 8GHz Bug Detector



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BH2 bug detector was designed specifically to detect any kind of hidden microphone or bug which transmits at frequencies from 10MHz to 8GHz, which means that it can detect every listening device now available on the market for investigative purposes.

Moreover, this bug detector can easily locate any kind of micro camera, be it wired or wireless, thanks to the lens placed on the top side of the device.

Unlike any other bug detector, BH2 provides you the possibility to perform complete environmental remediation, not only on bugs that transmit on radio frequencies but also to make sure that your telephone line had not previously been wired.

To further secure your conversations, bug detector BH2 has a built-in white noise generator, which prevents analog and digital recording devices, microphones from carrying out their tasks, therefore, safeguarding your privacy.

Professional bug detector BH2 is regarded as one of the best devices in terms of privacy safeguarding, an all-in-one unique portable device capable of carrying so many features and functions on itself.