Professional Pocket-Sized Bug Detector 0-8 GHZ



The RLV3 is an ultra-compact pocket bug detector with unparalleled performance despite its minimal size.

The RLV3 is a pocket-sized, ultra-compact broadband bug detector that offers a detection range from 0 to 8 GHz with ultra-high sensitivity but offering, at the same time, a simple user experience. Simply turn on the device and all detected frequencies will be shown on the integrated OLED display.

It has been designed to detect and locate signals from the latest listening, monitoring, cellular, and video devices. With a completely redesigned hardware design, the RLV3 has an unmatched sensitivity for its size and can display frequencies detected up to 6 GHz.

Professional Pocket-Sized Bug Detector tech specifications

  • Response in ultra-wide frequency 0 – 8 GHz;
  • Built-in frequency meter 0 – 6 GHz;
  • Ultra-sensitive: detects signals from a maximum of 10 meters;
  • Digital “Burst” signal detection for GPS trackers, etc.;
  • OLED display for maximum clarity in all conditions;
  • Audio demodulation – “Listen to the detected signals”;
  • Silent mode and vibration. Sound beep for signal strength;
  • Aluminum case for maximum durability.