Professional & Powerful 2G, 3G Cell Phone Jammer

SKU: B36


B36 is a mobile phone jammer that can block GSM CDMA UMTS 3G within a range of 50-100 meters. Therefore, it is commonly known as a highly professional jammer, thanks to its performance quality which never decreases, even after an everlasting use, and to its efficient cooling system.

The jammer at issue is specifically designed for conference rooms, movie theatres, big wedding halls, etc.

This is exclusively a cell phone jammer with outstanding output power, 45W.

Technical specifications

Product Code: B36
European Frequencies: 925-960MHz; 1805-1880MHz; 1900-2170MHz;
American Frequencies: 850-894MHz; 925-960MHz; 1805-1880MHz; 2110-2170MHz;
Output Power: 45W
Jamming Range: 50-100 meters
Power Adapter: AC adapter 24v(AC220V)
Color: Grey