UAV Anti Drone Bomb Jammer 260W (800-3000 Meters)

SKU: Thor


Thor is the most powerful anti-drone jammer you can find on the market nowadays. In fact, it has an output power similar to a bomb jammer with 6 bands, 260 Watt total and a monstrous jamming range between 800-3000 meters.

You shall customize this anti-drone jammer by adding one or more of the frequencies listed below in the “optional frequencies” section.

Thor jammer directly blocks the main 2.4-2.5 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies used by commercial drones for remote control. All you need to do is turn the jammer on to bring down the drone in a matter of seconds, thus guaranteeing your privacy at the highest level.

In addition, it blocks 433 MHz, 868-912 MHZ, and GPS L1 frequencies. Thanks to the bands dedicated to 2.4-2.5 GHz frequencies you will be able to neutralize all commercial drones on the market such as the DJI Phantom series 3, 4, etc.

Below, you will find the technical features of the professional UAV jammer Thor which is OUR EXCLUSIVE product.

Technical specifications

Freq. 1: 433MHz: 50W Freq. 2: 868-912MHz: 100W Freq. 3: 2400-2500MHz: 30W WiFi 11.b,g & Buletooth Freq. 4: 2400-2500MHz: 30W WiFi 11.b,g & Buletooth (or GPS L2 1227MHz:30W) Freq. 5: GPS L1 1575MHz: 40W Freq. 6: 5.8GHz: 10W WiFi 11.a
Optional frequencies:
  • 5.0-5.5GHz: 10W;
  • 5.5-6.0GHz: 10W WiFi 11.a;
  • Remote control toys: 200-300MHz: 60W;
  • 300-400MHz: 60W;
  • VHF 130-180MHz: 50W;
  • UHF 420-480MHz: 50W;
  • GPS L3 L4 L5: 30W.
Output Power:
Jamming Range:
800-3000 meters
Antenna Interface:
Omnidirectional 360° antennas
Power Supply:
AC (AC 220V-DC 27V or 24V/45 Amp) or external battery
B-50AH 27V/50AH LiFePo4 Battery
Remote Control:

Extra Info

Operating Temperature:
-20℃ ~ +60℃
5% ~ 90%
626 mm(L) × 49.2mm(W) × 350mm(H)
45 Kg
1 year