VHF UHF Radio Frequency Jammer

SKU: B46


Jammer B46 is a professional device designed to neutralize VHF UHF radio frequencies.

Furthermore, this is the best desktop jammer within the variety of VHF UHF jammer range in our catalog capable of jamming radio frequencies in a 50 meters range, without the use of more sophisticated or cumbersome equipment.

However, it can be adapted as a portable device with extra UPS batteries or generators, that can be purchased at any electronics store. Alternatively, it can be used in your car, through dedicated inverters.

What is the application of this VHF UHF Radio Frequency Jammer?

  1. It neutralizes any micro bug transmitting on these frequencies;
  2. It completely cancels out any camera and video cameras transmitting on these frequencies;
  3. Incidentally, the B46 jams any device transmitting on these frequencies.

Technical specifications

  • 130-205MHz;
  • 205-275MHz;
  • 275-345MHz;
  • 345-415MHz;
  • 415-500MHz;
  • 850-965MHz;
Output Power: 18W
Jamming Range: 50 meters
Remote Control: No
Battery: Yes
Power Adapter: AC100-240V or 12V car adapter

Extra Info

Color: Black
Dimensions (LxWxD): 305x140x51mm
Warranty: 1 Year