WiFi 2.4GHz – 5GHz & L1, L2, L5 Car GPS Jammer



B60G is an exclusive car GPS jammer designed to block specific frequencies for global positioning system navigators and WiFi routers and any device using those frequencies.

Let’s get down to details. This jamming device can counteract specific GPS frequencies, which are L1, L2 & L5. Global positioning system satellites broadcast radio signals through such frequencies in order to give accurate directions and position to the user. If your car had been previously bugged through devices using such frequencies, you’ll be able to interfere with satellites through this device.

Not only does Jammer B60G block GPS frequencies, but it also jams signals given off by WiFi routers and boxes that use specific WifI frequencies, which are 5,1GHz – 5,5GHz, 5,5GHz – 5,9GHz & 2400-2480MHz: nowadays, there are drones using 2.4GHz. And with this jammer, you can disable them within a 20 – 40 meters range.

If you need further details regarding the difference between WiFi 2.4GHz Vs 5GHz, please take look at this article from How-To Geek.

B60G is part of the B60 family, where B60R and B60C play an important role, as well.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 14 × 5.1 cm

Technical specifications

Product Code: B60G
European Frequencies:
  • 5,1GHz - 5,5GHz: 1,0W
  • 5,5GHz - 5,9GHz: 1,0W
  • WiFi 2400-2480MHz:1.5W
  • GPS L1 1575,42 MHz±10MHz: 1,5W
  • GPS L2 1227,60 MHz±10MHz: 1,5W
  • GPS L5 1176,45 MHz±10MHz: 1,5W
Output Power: 8W
Jamming Range: 10-40 meters (depending on signal strength)
Antenna Interface: -75dBm omnidirectional antennas
Remote Control: NO
Battery: NO
Power Adapter: AC100-240V or 12V car adapter

Extra Info

Color: Black
Dimensions (LxWxD): 305x140x51mm
Warranty: 1 Year