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If there was an appropriate title, it would go something like this: “Privacy, everyone’s right, but respected by few”.

Every day, our privacy is being violated. Mobile phones and the Internet are the main means through which others spy on us. Pay attention, unlike common belief, NOT only dangerous individuals are being spied on, but EVERYONE of us.

Each call you make is recorded by your telephone service provider, for more than 5 years. WHOEVER YOU ARE!

Every search engine, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. makes a backup of your searches, which, then, will be sold to governmental authorities and third-party companies, upon request.

How can I safeguard my privacy?

There are not that many ways out, but, below, we’ll list the most important services and indispensable products for privacy protection:

The usage and installation of such devices will guarantee maximum security, protecting you against the most sophisticated espionage systems.

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