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Purpose Of A Jammer

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What is the purpose of a jammer?

There are several purposes for which a jammer can be used. Let’s take a look at them:

Military purposes:

  • Prevent terrorist attacks by means of remote-controlled bombs.
  • Help disrupt any kind of enemy radio communication.

Civil and paramilitary purposes:

  • Prevent bugs from transmitting data, therefore rendering them useless.
  • Do not allow GPS locators’ transmission.
  • Help achieve quietness and silence in a conference room during a meeting.
  • Forbid your employees from making calls and sending text messages.

These are the only circumstances in which jammers MUST be used, and we only support and assist those who want to make the best out of our products and achieve good and genuine purposes.

What is the real purpose of a mobile phone jammer?

There are many reasons for which a cell phone jammer can be used. Some of them can be used legally thanks to a permit from the local authorities and illegally (without a permit).

Legal use:

  • classrooms, schools
  • religious gathering places, places of worship
  • theaters, cinemas
  • libraries
  • government authorities/offices
  • military, etc
  • workplaces

Illegal use:

  • transportation
  • any public places
  • malls
  • restaurants, etc

The main point about the use of mobile phone jammers is that in case of emergency, they will block the GSM frequency required to make an emergency call. Plus, just because you’re fed up with people yapping on phones, it does not give you the right to jam their GSM signal.

So, while it may sometimes be annoying to listen to other people’s mobile conversations on the bus or train, a little consideration goes a long way.

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