We carry out TSCM activities in buildings, conference rooms, vehicles, etc. throughout the whole European territory, thanks to a partnership with a renowned company in the field of counter-espionage.

We are equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art professional equipment and highly qualified personnel who guarantee a top-level TSCM service.

All the analyses examine the presence of all types of existing radio and audio/video micro-spy radio bugs with the following transmissions: AM, FM, Carrier, Sub-carrier, SBB, Scrambled, Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi with hidden SSID, GSM, DCS, UMTS, and LTE.

We can detect any kind of electronic device even when turned off and not connected to electricity. So, apart from turned off micro and the audio-video transmitters, we even analyze micro digital recorders of minimal dimensions.


PC and Server TSCM

In addition to standard TSCM, we provide TSCM services on Personal Computers and Servers (Windows, Linux, OSX), with the aim of detecting data interception activities by third parties or the so-called spy software.

We can verify if your PC and your servers are being spied on or their security breached and the information contained in them has been illegally copied or transferred elsewhere by unauthorized persons.

PCs and servers are analyzed in search of traces of information: spy software, keyloggers, Trojans and other software that can gain access to your data in an “invisible” way and send it to third parties outside your facility.


Mobile Forensics – Smartphone TSCM

We are fully capable of detecting whether there is an unauthorized wiretapping activity by means of Spy Phone Software on your smartphone and/or tablet.


Confidentiality Policy

Contrary to the overwhelming majority of companies that provide these services, we do not disclose any of your information on our website, and all the equipment and methodologies adopted during TSCM activities are kept in strict confidentiality.

Certain information should be treated with principles of confidentiality, WHICH WE ADOPT!

We provide the maximum guarantee of secrecy to all our customers, who will be fully informed in a direct and confidential way. Request information by filling in the form below or contact us directly at +971 507912114.

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