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What Is A Magnetic Field Sensor?

magnetic field sensor

One of the main requests we receive from our customers is that of being able to speak on the phone, without the fear of their words being tape-recorded.

Not a long time ago, we coped with the above-mentioned issue, suggesting, by the way, efficient but also a little invasive solution, such as White Noise Generators.

The missing link was a device able to detect, in a specific area, the presence of contingent analog and, most of all, digital tape recorders, as well as mobile phones and smartphones, exploited as modern indiscreet voice recorders.

To this day, a practical and affordable solution answers to the name of magnetic field sensors.

How does a magnetic field sensor work?

Unlike metal detectors, which exclusively detect the presence of metalwork, magnetic field sensors are able to “sense” and intercept any kind of plastic-made recorder and electronic device.

As clearly explained above, the device will detect the magnetic field generated by electronic devices. Any device featuring a speaker will generate a magnetic field around itself, which, then, will be detected through our MFS1.

Is a magnetic field sensor easy to use?

Once the 9V battery is inserted, the device is ready for use. Then, simply turn ON the device, by pressing the only button, and wait until the software loads. Therefore, get close to the area that needs to be checked and once it “picks up” anything suspicious, the MFS1 will start ringing and lighting up and thanks to its display, it will point you to the electronic object.

The magnetic field sensor is an irreplaceable and indispensable device capable of clearing large areas, such as conference rooms, airports, etc. from potential threats.

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