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What is a White Noise Generator Machine?

white noise generator

White noise generators are devices that produce a sound that is kind of like a rushing waterfall or wind blowing through the trees. The sound produced travels at the same frequencies as those of the human voice and beyond.

Unlike the majority of jammers, white noise generators are not that indiscreet, whereas a jammer can easily be concealed in a designated area. There are plenty of reasons for that.

First of all, besides being clearly audible, they also turn out to be “annoying”. The louder the volume, the more efficient the device is.

Another difference, that needs to be taken into account, when purchasing a white noise generator, is that they have to be close to the interlocutors.

All the aforesaid, they can be a little complicated to handle, but if employed in the correct manner, they may result in outstanding devices.

To counteract the noise issue, you’d better purchase a white noise generator with headphones dedicated to each interlocutor, in order to hear what is being said in a certain environment, without being interrupted by the noise.

Why should I buy a white noise generator?

Currently, they are the only device capable of preventing analog and digital tape recorders from achieving their purposes.

Who might need a white noise generator?

All of those people who want to secure a conversation or a conference. Each and every day, tape recorders and various spy types of equipment are the most sold products in the electronic field.

Does a white noise generator prevent mobile phones from recording a conversation?

The answer is Yes. The main difference between a white noise generator and other generic devices, which, by the way, are very expensive, lies exactly in that. A white noise generator can disrupt any tape recording achieved by any kind of device.

Considering the advantages, as well as the results gained, the white noise generator would definitely win the award for the “best product” of the category.

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