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Why Is The Word “Jammer” Associated With Crime?

jammer and crime

Should jamming devices be legal or illegal?

At first glance, there is nothing that makes us think of a link between the terms “jammer” and “criminality”. Actually, there is more to that than meets the eye.

One must understand the importance of owning devices, such as jammers, self-defense batons, etc. fallen into the wrong hands, they are a threat to everyone around.

As you can clearly see, we already dealt with jammers and their purposes in our previous post.

Therefore, the question is:

Do criminals use jamming devices?

The answer is yes! And they also sell like hotcakes!


Thieves might use jammers for three main reasons:

1. Cell Phone Jammers prevent the phone dialer (alarm systems’) from being able to make emergency calls.

2. Wi-Fi & VHF UHF Radio Frequency Blockers stop cams and video cameras from sending images and viewing pictures.

3. GPS, LoJack, and GSM jammers make it impossible to track the exact location of a vehicle.


Racketeer and corrupt organizations make use of jammers because:

1. The inhibitions of cellular and VHF-UHF frequencies will prevent hidden microphones from transmitting data.

2.GPS, LoJack, and GSM inhibitors, not only are they essential for car thieves, but also for high-profile criminals, whose only purpose is to “fall off the radars”.

So, the obvious question you might be asking yourself is: why do we, as Jammers Pro, allow everyone to buy our products?

Because we cannot be held accountable for others’ mistakes. It depends on the user to get the best out of our products.

Jammers can be used for several other good reasons and purposes, to protect one’s own family for example, and it goes without saying that we EXCLUSIVELY care to help achieve good intentions.

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