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Why Trust Us?

Why Trust Us Jammers

7 Reasons why we’re different & why you can trust us

We understand that it is not easy to go out there for the first time and purchase a jamming device without any prior knowledge of the market industry. Shady and disreputable websites may have been your nightmare in the past and you feel like you cannot trust anyone in the jammer industry.

How do we know this? Simple. We receive way too many contact requests from potential customers on a daily basis asking how they can trust us and our products. It is exhausting to have to reply to them trying to reassure them that we are NOT a scam (see screenshots below), unlike the 90% of the other websites on the internet.

That’s why we decided to compose the following list in order to erase the doubts you may have and encourage you to buy from us rather than from other vendors.

1) We’ve had more than 7 years of experience in this industry and we have strived to offer top-notch jammers from day one. We consider ourselves professionals. Hence, the name Jammers Pro.

2) We are the only vendors in this business to accept credit/debit cards on our website. You have to understand why this is of crucial importance for trust.

Not every business is allowed to offer card payment methods on their websites. Credit card processors check your bank records before supplying their service to the merchant. Everything has to add up in the records. Both company name and bank account name have to be the same and in the same country, to make sure that the funds won’t flow into a personal bank account in a country in the middle of nowhere.

To sum up, you must have a clean bank record for your application to be accepted, otherwise, it will be denied.

3) We are the only ones who provide several means of communication to our clients so that they can reach us. We are proud to say that we were the first ones to implement a live chat service to help our customers choose the best solution between the wide range of products displayed in our catalog.

Moreover, you can reach us via email, phone, WhatsApp or encrypted VoIP service, as seen on the homepage and footnote of every page. We are here at your service to guide and address you to the jamming solution that best suits your needs.

4) Our company information, including the registered address and phone number, can be found in the footnote of every page on our website.

Now, why don’t you visit another jammer selling website if they display their company info? Yep, that’s what we thought. You’re right back here.

5) We DO NOT post fake comments by concocted people under every product page.

Let’s be honest here. Nobody would leave or send their feedback after their purchase. Those who purchase jamming devices would rather be anonymous, well knowing that the website is bound by privacy laws not to disclose any personal information, for obvious reasons. Be wary of websites that post fake comments under every product just to mislead and deceive the buyers.

Here are a few positive feedbacks received through email exchanges by a few customers.

6) Our site’s connection is 100% secure and authenticated using strong algorithms RSA and AES 128.

As you can see on the left of the web address on your browser, there is a green lock which stands for “secure certificate”. Information you send or get through our website is authenticated and secure. Every web page is encrypted in HTTPS, which means that our server uses a certificate to prove our identity to the browsers. Our certificate is issued by GoDaddy (check the seal at the top left), the most renowned and world-famous certificate issuer.

7) We are THE ONLY website that displays the shipping and returns policy, privacy policy, and the terms and conditions on the footnote of every page.

Why is this so important? Because if you decide to purchase a product on our website paying with your credit card, in case we, the vendors, violate even one of the clauses in them, you shall open a dispute directly with the credit card payment processor to get a refund. No other jammer supplier will give you this opportunity.

These, besides many other reasons, should be enough to encourage you to trust us and to show you that indeed we are a legit company.

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